Monday, July 11, 2011

Annyeong! (hello) <3 These are some of the behind the scenes from the Shoot i had yesterday. Ended pretty late but had a lot of fun! I loved the theme, KPop! Super girly and fierce! Sorry if it the quality isn’t that good, i don’t know why it is :( Hope you like it! <3 
        Sneak Peak from Sir Winston’s Camera! I’ll upload the actual pictures as soon as i get them! :) 

                      Pink pink pink make up, i love the false eyelash <3

                                          First look: Pink and Yellow

                             Second look! Inspired from the korean online shops =))

Third Look! Inspired from the Wondergirls/21 :) “I want nobody nobody but you” haha!

                        Fourth look! Inspired from the Korean Ballerina look :)

                                   Fifth look! Leather leather leather <3

It’s wrap! :) Hope you liked the pictures! I promise to upload the actual pictures from the photographers once i get it! Sarang Hae everyone <3

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