Tuesday, August 2, 2011

“Barbie” Photoshoot

These are some of the BehindTheScenes pictures from the Barbie shoot i had last Sunday! Definitely the best and favorite shoots i had <3 I can’t wait for the pictures! Especially the ones i was wearing the Blonde wig :P I’ll post the actual pictures once i get it! Hope you’ll like it! <3
Photographer: Bjorn Bedayo Stylist: Gelo Arucan Make up: Avi Castano
“Life in Plastic” 

Blonde Wig <3

Full bangs <3

My sister/twin visiting <3 check her blog: foreverisascaryplace.blogspot.com/

My favorite!!! <3

Secretary barbie :P

Pink Laptop by: SkinByArchie

Sorry if i didn’t get to take some of the other outfits/layouts, just watch out for the actual pictures! Life is plastic, it’s fantastic <3

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