Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 
1. sassygirlciara asked you:  
Hi Verniece! I really love your looks :) You’re very charming <3 
                         - Hi!! So sweet! Thank you so so much! :) 
2.  kaka-baliwasked you:
 your sooo gorgeous! i follow you on twitter and here in tumblr. do you mind if you follow mine too? stay pretty.
                          - hi!! So sweet! Sure! Thank you so much! :)
3. Anonymous asked you:
 could you do a hair tutorial? please :) love your curls!
                       - hi!! Sure, I’ll try to do it soon! J:) thank you so much!
4. Anonymous asked you:
 hi verniece! :) what’s your height?
                          - hi!:)  I’m only 5’3 :(  
5. Anonymous asked you:
 OMG. I’m having a girl crush on you! Did you also had TV ads? You’re really, really familiar. ^_____^
                       - aww so sweet <3 thank you so so much! :) 
6. annegorospeasked you:
You’re so beautiful! I thought you’re Angel Locsin. :))) Btw, nice outfits!
- awww, you’re so sweet! Thank you so so much J
7. glamielle asked you:
Hi po :) I love love love your blog! Pwede po ba mag request? Curious po kc ako sa look ng bedroom niyo esp. the closets. Pwede po ba kayong magpost ng pics ng room ninyo? Kung pwede lng nman po. :) Thanks po! God bless <3 
                         - hi! Thank you so so much! :) sure! But this shoot was shot in my room here po:
8. Anonymous asked you:
i love your outfits so much. <3 but i advise you to stop using colors as your blog post title. be more creative. :)
                        - Thank you so much! :) I will! :)
9. Anonymous asked you:
hi, where did you bought your blazer? the one in the pink and black polka dots neck tie, hope you will answer my question, thank you!
- I bought it in hongkong! :)
10. Anonymous asked you:
Hey Verniece! :) You’re so pretty! :) I just want to ask if you always wear skirts/dresses? and wear false eyelashes or are those lashes real? You look like a human barbie kasi! Hihi! :) and what’s your favorite stores to shop? :) Thanksss!
           - hi! So sweet! Thank you so so much! I mostly buy them when we go out of the country J they’re real po J thank you so much, kilig ako! :) 
Hello Verniece, I’m Ninda, from Indonesia. I always adore your sister’s style, now I adore both of you! I love your barbie’s style, so cute and sweet <3 bcs I’m fan of barbie and pink, we hv many things in common! :D
            - Hi Ninda! You’re so sweet! Thank you so so much!<3 I love Indonesia!! <3
12. unspokenwordsofagirlasked you:
Ate Verniece! Make more videos on YouTube channel. :D
             - hi! Sure! <3 
13. Anonymous asked you:
Whats your course? :)
            - Multimedia arts :) 
14. lorrainecarla asked you:
pretty and simple dear vernience. :) fan nyo aq, pati ate mo. :)))
             - hi! Salamat ng marami po! :)
15. Prettygirlrock233 asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece. ^^
Hanggang Ngayun po ba Nag Ice Skating pren po ba Kayo.? Sa Sm SouthMell Po ba kayo nag simula ng Pag Ice Skating? (Ask lang Po) =)
                 - I’m resting po now but I’ll skate again soon! Yes po, in Southmall :D
16. eldrinx44asked you:
                 - hi!
17. monomialasked you:
Yo so beautiful :)
                - awww so sweet! Thank you so so much :)
18. imsuperjenasked you:
do you have a lookbook account? :) saw you in school last Wed and you’re so gorgeous!
               - hi! Here’s my lookbook but I don’t really get to update it that much. Really? You should have said hi :)

19. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Dear vernience. Very pretty! :)) just want to ask how many pair of shoes do you really have? if you dont mind. thank you. stay pretty.
              - hi!! So sweet <3 thank you so so much! I’m not sure how many po :)
20. iadoreyoubatmanasked you:
where’d you get that pink heels? it’s so beautiful
              -the light pink? I got it in an online shop! <3 
21. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece, are you the one who curl your hair? Please answer.
               - Hi! Yes, i’m the one po!:) 
22. Anonymous asked you:
hi, i saw your boots from your previous posts, where did you bought it? thank you!
               - hi! :) i got the pink boots in hongkong! :) 
23. Anonymous asked you:
love your outfits! <3
               - aww thank you!! <3
24. beabiiasked you:
Hello :D Please help me. I need gown for our upcoming Prom this February and I spotted your white gown. AH-MAY-ZIIIING! :D :D I loved it the moment I saw it. Did you buy it or rent it? Can you answer in my ask if you don’t want to publish it? Please do. :) Thank you. :)))
        - hi!! Thank you so much! :) I’ll be posting a prom post in my blog this weekend!! I had it made po!! :)
 25. Anonymous asked you:
Hi :) I just wanted to ask where on earth did you get the white gown? Which is the feather-y one. Please.
           -I had it made po J I’ll be posting a prom post this weekend! :)
26. Anonymous asked you:
Hi, ate Verniece! Just wondering.. How tall are you? :)
           - hi! :) only 5’3 :)
27. Anonymous asked you:
i thought you were going to make another batch of fansigns :(
          - I’m so sorry, I’ll try to make them soon :)
28. friendbesideyouasked you:
ate verniece~ you are really really pretty! :D
          - you are sweet! Thank you so so much :)
29. belliekitkat21asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece, I really love your gown during your last prom 2011. It’s simple but very elegant and eye catchy. Yung gown na suot niyo po during the Philippine Fashion Ball 2011. Pwede ko po ba malaman kung sino yung designer or saan niyo po napagawa? Thank you in advance :)
         -Hello!! I’ll be posting a prom post in my blog this weekend! J I had it made in my mom’s friend po :)
32. a7xbestbandasked you:
          - hi!
33. Anonymous asked you:
Where did u buy your black platform heels? :)
           - hi! they’re from Aldo! :) 
34. Anonymous asked you:
Ate, saan niyo po shinoot yung Barbie? Ang cute niyo dun!
           - salamat po! in my room po! :)

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