Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 
1. pajeeroasked you:
Hi Ate Verniece! :D How are you? I miss talking to youu. :D Oh, just dropping by your askbox! I hope you still remember me :D Byee
                                  Hi!! aww so sweet <3 
2. michcandelariaasked you:
I can’t stop string at your photos barbie doll! :) You’re so pretty! :)
                                  So sweeeeeet! thank you so so much <3 
3. bsomtkasked you:
nice page =)
                                  Thank you!! :) 
4. unspokenwordsofagirlasked you:
Ate Verniece! You’re so pretty. :)
                                 You’re so sweet! thank you!!:) 
5. kaputminxasked you:
room mo talaga yan? :)
                                       Yes po :) 
6. Anonymous asked you:
do you have a boyfriend? :))
                                        No po :) 
7. fizzlebangasked you:
I’m loving your blog! <3 btw can I ask, was Coach Randy Maturan your coach before or not? I used to have skating lessons with him eh :) haha!
                              Aww thank you!!:) No but he was our coach friend! :) 
8. Anonymous asked you:
Hello Verniece. I love the pink shoes you wore during the KPOP theme shoot. What brand is that? Hope you can help me. Thanks!
                                 I got it from an online shop :D 
9. Anonymous asked you:
you’re so amazing! i love you ate vern! :))
                                Please leave your name sweetie <3 so sweet <3  
10. princessgalangasked you:
hi:)) ur so beautiful and talented:)) always takecare:)
                                 and you’re so sweet! thank you so much:) 
11. ramjovipadillaasked you:
Hi Verniece! I always see you at the SDA and SM Ice Rink. Well, I’m a supporter of “On Thin Ice” though, can’t wait to watch it. I skate too as well :D
                              You should say hi!! thank you so much :D :D 
12. Anonymous asked you:
Will we be able to watch your movie on theaters? Well, hopefully we can! :)
                              I’m not yet sure but i’ll update you!! :) 
 13. trishaduncanasked you:
hi! read that you have a blog on your sister’s page. didn’t know that you’re a skater too!! awesome! :D 

i’d love to watch this short film you’re making with James Reid. when will it be premiered, and where can I watch it? so excited!!! :D

oh, and cool pair of skates by the way. :D
                     Hi!! I’m not yet sure but i’ll update you!! Thank you so much!! :) 
  14. Anonymous asked you:
Omg! You looked so much like your sister on the first photo!! Good luck with shooting! :)
                       Really? Thank you so much :D 
15. Anonymous asked you:
heyheyheyhey :)
                                     hey! :) 
16. Anonymous asked you:
How many skating shoes you have? 
Curiosity kills. :))
                               I have 3 po now :D  
17. laughingdonna asked you:
Hello. I added you on FB please accept mo ;)
                              sure po! :)

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