Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 
1. Anonymous asked you:
Verniece, how long did it take for you to grow your hair that long? Years?
             I’m not sure but i think one year? :D just had trimmings 

2. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Verniece! I just want to get some ideas about what to wear on a party if the theme is Vintage or the 70s. THANK YOU! By the way, keep up with your very cute blog!!!!!
              Hi!! Try     this: Hope you like it! Thank you so much!! <3 

3. flawedlittleperfections asked you:
Hi there :) What’s your hairstyle? ;) My little sister wants to be like you when she grows up :) You’re so pretty ate ;) God bless. Ps. Stay Pretty. xx, Ayah <3
             Awww, that’s so sweet <3 thank you so so much!! I’m really flattered!! <3 

4. Anonymous asked you:
Hi ate! How old are you?
               I’m 17 po :D 

5. theharleyquinn asked you:
Hi Barbie! Dropped by your blog, you’re stunning! Miss you. See you around. <3-Val
           Thank you so much Val!! hope to see you more around <3 

6. Anonymous asked you:
Can you post more pictures please :) More outfits!!! I really like you VERN, you’re so GORGEOUS! :* And please can you post make up tutorials and i just wanna ask if what treatment did your hair undergo? Ang ganda kasi po ng curlssss!! :>
              Aww, you’re so sweet! Hope you leave your name next time :D sure!! thank you so so much sweetie<3 

6. Anonymous asked you:
hi verniece! great pics. i just wanna know if the “kevin as your boyfriend” rumor true? i know someone connected to him, and he is indeed telling us that he is your boyfriend. im a fan and concerned! <3
               Thank you so much! :) No po, i don’t even know him :( 

7. twenty-firstcenturygirl asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece! :) Where can i see photos of you wearing a cocktail dress? :) I love how you dress :>
            I’ll be posting what I wore yesterday, check it out later and hope you’ll like it:) thank you so much!! :D  

8. Anonymous asked you:
Where did you buy you green cover up? it’s so cute <3
              It’s from Hong Kong! Thank you so much!!:D 

9. Anonymous asked you:
where do you buy your hair accessories? they’re so cute!
           They’re all from PINKBOX ( <3 

10. Anonymous asked you:
can you do a tutorial on how to wear and style the clip-in bangs??? looking forward to it
                  Sure!! :) 
11. sikengii asked you:
HI VERNIECE. Im kengy! :) I always look at your fb acc, your blog, your twitter. Im 100% sure you dont remember me, we skate together at South Mall :( that’s the saddest part we have a picture together but my dad lost it. :( I wish i can meet you again. Stay pretty & sweet. Loveyou verniece!
              Hi!! Aww you’re so sweet <3 thank you so so much!! Ofcourse! See you soon then!! <3 

12. Anonymous asked you:
Hi te verinece! tagaAteneo po ba kayo o tagaLasalle? hehe curious. Anong year niyo na din po at course? Thanks po ate verniecee!
           Lasalle Benilde po :)  first year, MMA po :) 

13. jenniesantiago asked you:
Hello Vernice! you are soo pretty! ask ko lang if saan mo usually binibili mga dress mo?? super cute kasi =)
                Hi! aww so sweeeet<3 salamat po!!:) 

your so pretty talaga. ikaw na ang dyosa!  
             awww salamat po!! <3 
15. belliekitkat21 asked you:
Ate Verniece, thanks for posting some pictures & details about your prom dresses. My prom dress this year was inspired by yours.  
          Aww that’s so sweet! Please send me photo of you wearing the dress, i would love to see it <3 
16. Anonymous asked you:
Verniece, youre so pretty and mukha kang mabait? :D Youre boyfriend is very lucky haha
           Salamat po! :D i don’t have a boyfriend po :) 
17. Anonymous asked you:
Hi ate verniece :) I just wanna ask, where did you bought your gown on your 3rd year prom? :) Thanks a lot. I adoooooooooore you. :”> -xoxo, dorin patricia <3
                Hi!! :) I had it made!! :) So sweet thank you so much <3 <3 

18. sikengii asked you:
hi verneice how are you? i know you do not remember me anymore, we have met before 5 yrs ago i think, in south mall. im here in tacloban this summer im going back to manila, i wish you’ll still remember me when i saw you in south mall you were ice skating so was i with my cousins. we talk alot there, i just suddenly lost our picture :( stay pretty & sweet. miss you verniece! love you :*
              awww, so sweeeet <3 let’s just have another picture next time again :D 
19. cheskathalia asked you:
Hi po ate Verniece! I really really love your & ate Vern’s sense of style. I just want to say that I really adore you both :’> Good day po and God bless =))
                  Hi!! :) So sweet!! thank you so much!! <3

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