Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 Please leave your name :) 
1. borderlessflight asked you:
Hi ate vern. I’m Aica. I just searched randomly through lookbook and tumblr and i think you will be one of the next famous faces of are country someday. You are so gorgeous. I think I’m a fan of you na :)
         Awww you’re so sweet! thank you so so much! <3 
2. Anonymous asked you:
hi miss verniece can you do me a favor? can you put the detail and the brand of you clothes coz i really love all your clothes thanks :))
         Sure! thank you so much <3 
3. Anonymous asked you:
how many times do you shop every week? you have new clothes everyday? atleast how many? sorry for asking. :D I really love your style. I want to meet youuuuu!
        awww Thank you so much!! i’ll see you soon then! <3 
4. Anonymous asked you:
hi. just asking how many pair of shoes do you have?
         I’m not sure :(  
5. Anonymous asked you:
Ate Verniece where is this place? Thank you. /post/10441289119#disqus_thread
         Noriter :) 
Hi Verniece! I just love your blog, you are really really pretty, just like your sister. I just adore how you can look angelic in one outfit, sexy in another one and childish in another one. I just love you style transition. And did I say you are really pretty? :-) Have a great day!
         hi!! :) Wow, you’re so sweet! thank you so so much <3 
 Hi Ate Verniece!! I just wanna ask if where you do usually but you clothes! I love ‘em all ee! Also you! Keep Safe, Stay Nice & Pretty! :P Much Love! <3
          hi!! aww so sweet! <3 no specific, if it’s cute or i like, i buy it! :p thank you so much!! <3 
8. Anonymous asked you:
hey, what products do you use for your hair? it’s just so full of volume and shine! :) thanks.
           thank you so much! :) my shampoo and conditioner, head and shoulders :) 
9. Anonymous asked you:
hello vernice! i am just wondering if you and your sister vern share clothes??? i think you are in the same size you both are like twins <3 <3 <3
            yes we do! :D i wish we were :p 
10. Anonymous asked you:
how old are you?
             17 :) 
11. cookissandme asked you:
hello. why you dont name the clothes you wear? i hope you will ;] tnx
12. Anonymous asked you:
Hi pretty. I didnt notice that you are just 17. :) Whats your height?
             hi!!:) 5’3 :D 
13. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Vern, I’m Hannah and I would just like to ask where did you get your purple ball skirt you wore in the Secret Fresh x Bench and Nivea event with your sister? If it’s in an online shop, what shop specifically? Pretty pleaaaase!!! Thanks so much! I love your outfit! :)
             hi!! :) thank you so much!! :) i got it in a bazaar :D 
14. elrodriiguez asked you:
HI!! Where’d you buy your dress from the post Love Month and your dress and skirt from the Faceshop event? :) Thank you in advance! :)
            Hi! :) both got it in The Ramp! :) Sure!! :) 
15. Anonymous asked you:
How do you style your hair? Can you please give some tips? Is it naturally curly? :) Sorry for asking so many questions. I really adore you & your styles. xx <3
             Thank you so much <3 i iron it :D i’ll try to post some tips soon! :) 

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