Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3
1. Anonymous asked you:
Hi pretty <3 Where did you get your dress in your SKULLS post. It is the pink and black dress. Thank you
                   Hi!! :D I got the skirt from Terranova! :D 
2. carissagrace asked you:
hello verniece :) i just want to get your idea on what white/cream/beige dress to wear on a college graduation day. if you could suggest an over-all outfit, with accesories and footwear. thank you :) btw, very nice fashion blog. you’re so adorable :)
                  Hi! :D Thank you so much <3 I suggest you wear something like this: abit semi formal. Hope you like it! :D 

3. mrscarlos asked you:
hi vierniece! you have such a flawless skin! you’re so pretty! can you please share your beauty regimen? how do you maintain your beautiful skin? :)
                  Aww so sweet! thank you so much! :) Always put lotion and avoid the sun as much as possible :D 

4. thecoffeecat asked you:
Holy smokes! I lalooove your photoblog! :) Pretty face! <33
                 You’re sweet! Thank you so much! <3  
5. Anonymous asked you:
Hey miss Verniece! Are you going to AdHoc this saturday?
                   Hi! No po :) 

6. Anonymous asked you:
What is the brand of your camera? :D
                   Nikon d60 :D 

7. Anonymous asked you:
How often do you get your hair cut? xx :)
                  Had my last haircut 6months ago? :D 

Hi verniece! I love your tops especially the one with ribbons. Where do you buy them? :”) Btw, you’re so pretty! <3  
                     hi!! Thank you so so much! <3 Which top? :D 

9. Anonymous asked you:
I seriously want to watch ‘On Thin Ice’ but sadly, it’s only from Mon-Fri so I have classes :(
                        Awww! :(  maybe next screening? :D 

10. elixiroflee asked you:
hi :D you look so Kawaii <3 and oh, I really love your Barbie photoshoot. Was it done in your room?
                        Hi!! thank you so much <3 yes it was :D 

11. fierclyloraineira asked you:
Hello po, ate verniece :) Hope you remember me in twitter(ItsLoraineIra) the one who asked you if we could be friends. Hehe, And I wasn’t really sure if you do like to be us, like friends or something :)) Hehe, I hope we could be one. Like CLOSE Friends :) bI hope you can let me be part of your life :) Love you po, always your no. 1 fan and hope to be bumber 1 friend of yours.. God Bless! :)
                     Hi! :D Aww you’re so sweet! ofcourse we can be friends <3 thank you so so much! :D  

12. Anonymous asked you:
hi verniece! i just wanna know what salon do you entrust your locks, what treatments does your hair undergo and how do you maintain that length without getting the ends dry? thanks. <3
                    Tony and Jackey :D 

ate verniece. I super really love your B A N G S !! <3 Keep up ! XOXO  
                    Thank you so much!! :D

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