Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3 
1. missashleykristinaasked you:
Hi pretty, I love the way you dress up. You’re just like a doll. You and your sister are just like twins ^_______^ Hope we can be friends.
Aww, thank you so so much! :D Ofcourse we can! :)
2. lhaidumaboc asked you:
Hello Verniece :) How are you? I love ur blog and all the things you share here on tumblr. Keep safe :))
Thank you so much!! I’m great, hope you are too! :)
Do you have a Pink Cocktail Dress? :) Can i see some photos of you have. Thanks! btw, you’re so prettyyyyy!
Sure! :) awww, Thank you so much! :)
4. Anonymous asked you:
Saan niyo po pinagawa yung prom dress niyo? :) Who’s the designer?
My mom’s friend po :)
5. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Verniece, I always look up to your blog because your style is very cute and girly. <3 I hope you will also put where you bought the clothes/accessories you are wearing in every post you make. God bless and stay pretty! :)
Aww, so sweet! thank you thank you so much! :) Sure!! :) take care always! :)
6. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Verniece, I really adore your fashion style especially the one you wore during the Coke-Bench Fashion Show that you and your sister attended. I would just like to ask where did you bought your red dress and white jacket? Thank you! :)
Aww, thank you so so much!! :) I bought it The Ramp :)
7. cheesewanders asked you:
I saw you yesterday at the CokeBench Fashion Show. You really are pretty just like your sister. Did not have a chance to talk to you tho. :| I spotted you talking to a fan (Not sure) who took a photo with you. God bless. Stay pretty!
Thank you so so much!! :) You should have said hi!! :) Take care always:)
Hi Ate Verniece! Do you know Coach Kat? :) And I Adore you! I’m lovin’ you’re style so much like i wanna copy it! Any suggestions for a style? I don’t know what to wear for some event or for a ordinary day lng. :) Hoping for a reply! I Love you! :* <3
Aww so sweet thank you so so much!! <3 Posted more photos, you can just get some ideas from there!! :) Take care always!! <3 
9. Anonymous asked you:
hi! do you wear clip on bangs? cute kasi ng bangs mo e but i noticed na you don’t have bangs in all of your pics :)
Yes, thanks to Elswear! <3
10. lovelymunez93 asked you:
how did you buy H&M shoes?
From Hong Kong po :)
11. Anonymous asked you:
were your bangs clip ons? where did you bought it?
Thanks to Elswear Online Shop:)
12. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Verniece! I really loved your prom dress. So elegant ang catchy. As for that, I also made my gown a feather-y one for prom! Hihi <3 Stay pretty and cutiepatootie!
So sweet! Thank you so so much!! <3 <3 
13. ranneydanac asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece! :) I’m Ryan Danac’s sister. I’ve always wanted to meet you or talk to you. But my brother won’t let me. Hahaha! I super admire you! Stay pretty, simple and humble :) Take care! xx
Hi Ryan’s sister!! aww, so sweet thank you so much!! You should tell your brother to bring you in our school so i can meet you!! <3
14. matchmakerme asked you:
Hi Verniece! I love your looks. :) You look good in skirt, cute/plain tops and wedges/heels or flats. Oh I think I saw the Blair Waldorf(Gossip Girl) of the Philippines, and SHE’S YOU! You’re alike in style on the first few seasons of Gossip Girl. I love to see you pull our Blair Waldorf’s look. Loves! >:D<
Hi!! :) You’re so sweeeet! Thank you so so much!! <3 <3
15. Anonymous asked you:
hi, thank you for answering my question about the blazer. i really love your blog. :) i would like to ask one more thing, do you think blazers are good investments? what style would you recommend wearing it? thank you! :)
Thank you so much! :D yes they are, you can wear it with a dress under or simply shorts/skirt and a cute top! <3 
16. Anonymous asked you:
Hi! You have a very cute style.. I so love it! And by the way, you’re very pretty! May I ask how old are you now? :))) Thanks! You are now one of my favorite and “fashion-spiration” bloggers.. :)))
Hi!! :) so sweet! thank you so so much!! :) I’m 17 years old :D

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