Friday, March 2, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3
                 1. beaatch asked you:
                I LOVES YOUUUUUUU!
                            Love you too <3 

2. Anonymous asked you:
Hi po! Ang ganda nyo po super parang doll, Ano po gngmit nyo para MACURL hair nyo, ang ganda po kc eh!! Idol. Stay sweet. Sana po magreply kayo! :) xo
            Awww you’re so sweet! salamat po ng marami!! <3 <3 

3. danatheloveholic asked you:
hi there, i envy your hair. how do you maintain it? :)
             Hi! aww just remember to wash it everyday and comb 1000x everyday :D 

4. Anonymous asked you:
Hello Ate Verniece! You’re so pretty!! I’m a fan of you po :) I just want to ask po kung how much yung silver na pumps from people are people, yung sa SM Accessories pong blog. And tatanong ko din po kung ano pong bagay na shoes or other accessories sa white cocktail dress. Thank you so much!! Take Care always! :)
              Awww you’re so sweet! thank you so much <3 I just got it for 1300 po. You can pair it with either black or white so it’s classy and simple :D you can also be edgy by wearing colored shoes! Take care always!! <3 

5. Anonymous asked you:
Where did you get your perm?
              Tony and Jackey :) 

6. flawedlittleperfections asked you:
Hi verniece :) Whats the size ? Of the header?
               Any! It’s up to you :D 

7. gets asked you:
Hi Verniece! I love your outfit posts here, they’re very beautiful! :D I just want to ask also, where did you get the shoes you were wearing on “Secret Fresh x Bench and Nivea” event? They’re lovely! <3 Many thanks! -Dona :)
                 Hi!! you’re so sweet! thank you so so much <3 I got it from SO FAB! <3 

8. xclairexx asked you:
Vernice, I’ve e-mailed you a banner suggestion, but I got a typo, let me send you another one. :) -CLAIRE.  
                yay! :D

9. thehippieproject asked you:
Hi! I e-mailed you sample banners and a watermark :)
               yay! :D 

10. Anonymous asked you:
How big should the header be? :) - D.
               Any, it’s up to you! :D 
11. Anonymous asked you:
Hi verniece, i really love your style. I also noticed that you have so many blazer in different colors, i would like to ask where do you usually buy them? Its so cute and preppy. More power. :) -danica
                Aww so sweet! <3 thank you so much!! I got it in Hong Kong! :D 

12. chinalmazan asked you:
ate verniece is your hair permed? By the way, I miss you. :) im a skater too. :) we skate together at SM Southmall last Skate Manila, you were praticing with Coach Al. :)
              Really? Aww i miss skating! :D 

13. Anonymous asked you:
Ate Verniece, ano po school mo? course and year? :)
              Lasalle Benilde po. First year, Multimedia Arts :D 

14. belliekitkat21 asked you:
Hi ate Verniece, how do you curl your hair?
              Iron :D 

15. Anonymous asked you:
Where’d you buy your pink dress? The one you wore on Avril’s concert? Thanks! You’re so pretty! :>
              I got it in the Ramp! aww thank you so much!!! <3

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