Friday, March 16, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3

1. trishielovesxo asked you:
hi verniece! when r u gonna turn 18? ur debut will be so glamorous for sure. i hope u invite me there :D anyway, where can i watch “on thin ice” ? :)
Aww august 9! so excited:D there will be another screening on March 31 in DLSU. I’ll post more details this weekend! :D 

2. ekanmeiduelas asked you:
Nung una nalilito ako sainyong magkapatid. Vern lang po tlga name nung sister mo? Tapos ikaw Verniece? :)
Vernica po :D  

hi you’re totally gorgeous!:) i love your super cute girly style. hee hee xoxo. i’ll send my edited photo’s for you.. and i’ll send my entry for your tumblr header.. just check your email.. godbless verniece! 
awww you’re so sweet! thank you so much! <3 
4. Anonymous asked you:
hi miss verniece can you guve me idea for my 18th i want something formal but chic and a baloon gown thanks :)
Maybe a tube ballon dress? :D 

5. goodvictory asked you:
Hi, do you still figure skate? :)
Haven’t been skating but i will again very soon! :D  
6. mitchybelly asked you:
You’re so pretty =))
 Thank you so much! :)

7. Anonymous asked you:
Whoa, You are seriously pretty <3 I’d like to ask some random stuff. :) 1. Do you wear contact lens? 2) What’s your height? Hope you’d respond. You instantly became my idol. Yaay :)
 So sweet! thank you so much <3 i don’t wear contacts po and i’m 5’3 :) 
8. Anonymous asked you:
did you perm your hair? or do you curl it everyday? you are really beautiful, i’m one of your fans :)
 thank you so so much :)
9. Anonymous asked you:
Good day Ate Verniece! :) Saan mo po binili and how much yung silver pumps na suot mo po sa Xavier prom? tsaka din po yung sa Ateneo Grad Ball at SM accessories na may glitters po? thank you po!
I bought it Rockwell, Archaeology po and the other in People are People :)
10. itsjamailaaboy asked you:
Does it have to be that in Multimedia Arts, you should have the skills in drawing? Thanks! :)
yes :D  
11. Anonymous asked you:
Hi miss vern! Nag JRP po kayo diba? Maganda po ba dun? Uhh, ano pong mga tinuturo dun? Hehe, I hope you answer ‘coz I’m kinda’ planning to enroll there. Hehe. ;)) How’s the experience?
It’s very nice there! you will learn alot! :) 
12. Anonymous asked you:
What color of heels would you wear with a light pink / beige looking dress?
 cream :) 
13. kcsoygerona asked you:
you and vern are twins? :))
 no po, we just call each other that! :)
14. Anonymous asked you:
hi ask ko lang po kung saan nyo binili or pinawaga yun make up kit with lights yun parang nasa dressing room… i like that kassi. thank you. hope you answer my question =)
 I don’t know with my parents po:) 
15. unspokenwordsofagirl asked you:
Hi, ate Verniece! Just want to ask.. What course are you taking at the moment? :)
 Multimedia Arts:) 
16. littlemissgemini asked you:
Hi Veniece! Im a fan. :)) I’m an Education student and I just wanna ask your opinion for what clothes to wear for a casual attire and formal attire fashion show for our finals. I wanna be fashionable but still appropriate for a teacher to be. :)) THANKS!
aww so sweet :) a dress and wear blazer over it! :)
17. sweetchelle asked you:
Hi Verniece! I saw you on TV. At GMA NEWS TV. :) you’re really pretty. and your voice is really cute. =)))
 awww thank you so so much <3 
18. itsjamailaaboy asked you:
Hi, your so beautiful po! our blog. :)) Its my first time to visit your blog. I think I’m gonna visit your blog every night. Oooh, I wanna be as beautiful as you are! Hihi. And I do have a question, you had your highschool in Ateneo, right? Then college in DLSU-CSB? Why not in ADMU?
 aww you’re so sweet thank you so much<3 highschool in Southville International School. I love the course, Multimedia Arts in lasalle benilde :)
19. pinakbeth asked you:
Hi verniece! This is beth of InBeauty. I already asked your ate if she can be partners with for our online shop, InBeauty, and she said yes. May I ask if you could also partner with us? I’ll send clothes for you and your ate. You just have to acknowledge us. :) Please do reply! Thank you! :D
Wow, i’d love to! :D just email me: thank you so much! :)
20. carissagrace asked you:
hello verniece, where did you buy the cream dress you wore in the bench event? thank you :)
I bought the skirt in an online store:) 
21. callmecham asked you:
If you don’t curl your hair everyday, then is that Digipermed? Where?
 Tony and Jackey :)
22. angel-olaivar asked you:
 you are so sweet! thank you so much:) 
23. bewithmaj asked you:
Hi Miss Vern. :) You’re So Pretty! I Love Everything about you! Hope I Can See You In Person. :) So Yeah! Godblessyou! ♥♥♥
 wow, you’re so sweeet! <3 thank you so so much <3 
24. iamthealipio asked you:
Hi Vernice! Well, I’ve been a religious reader of your blog. And I really love the way you dress. Please don’t mind me asking, where did you buy your shoes in your latest post; The Aqua Blue Stripes? It’s so nice. And you look very fabulous. That’s it. Thank you. :) And stay fab. xx
 you’re so sweet! thank you so much <3 i bought it Asian Vogue Online Shop :D 
25. chinalmazan asked you:
Ate verniece, follow me back please! I miss you already, i mean, i haven’t seen you since skate manila. :) im sure you miss skating already. I miss skating too. Hihi. :) thanks ate verniece! :)
 aww so sweet! <3 
26. Anonymous asked you:
hi vern, pano mo nagagawa yung hair mo na straight and some days naman may bangs?! :)
 The bangs are clip ons po! :D

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