Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3
1. Anonymous asked:
can adamson have a copy of On Thin Ice? :)
i’m not sure but you can contact the director Kit!/desilvakit :D
2. angel-olaivar asked:
You are so sweet:D
3. Anonymous asked:
hello ;) iceprincess! I’M YOUR BIGGEST FAN.. some tips naman po to maintain your slim body?
Awww so sweet <3 but my body isn’t slim :( 
4. Anonymous asked:
Your makeup is always pretty and simple. What brands and shades are your favorites? :)
I like brown smokey eye make up :D
5. Anonymous asked:
can you include where you bought each item in your outfit posts please
hi! :D usually only put the sponsored items:)
6. Anonymous asked:
who takes your pictures on Davao?
Outfit posts? My sister and Aidx Paredes :D
7. bosspotot asked:
Ate venice? Hii! :) Can you show a pic of yourself wearing a sheer top shirt? and kung ano ung gagamitin mo under the top? ;) Thanks ate :)
Hi!! :D I use tube :)
omg!i love your style,its so girly and chick at the same time,btw i like your gorgeous hair too,are those extensions?
Aww so sweet!! thank you so much! :D no, they’re just super long:)
9. chanelskii11 asked:
Hi Ms. Verniece! I just started following your blog when I saw your picture in Bubbles’ facebook page. I really really love it! I’m going to look at your blog everyday! I just love the way you dress, it’s so feminine and just so girly! More power to you! Continue being a style icon to girls everywhere! :)
Hi! Awww, so sweet! Thank you so so much <3 <3 <3 
10. Anonymous asked:
hi verniece! are u and your sister vern’s twin? btw, love your style and you’re so pretty. definitely, u are my inspiration! love your clothes.
Wow thank you so much <3 <3 
11. sophiagoingsolo asked:
may I know kung ano po yung mga components or mga ginagawa sa “Multimedia Arts” na course? :) Your answer would help me decide in choosing the course I would be taking.. thank you!! :)
Alot of drawing and compter work :p
12. belleutiful asked:
Kahit nag-b-bake, ang ganda pa rin. :> Kung ako siguro ‘yun, tagaktak na pawis ko. Hahahaha.
Awww salamat!!! <3 
13. Anonymous asked:
Hi verniece! I really love your blog its so cute. :) i would just like to ask where did you bought your flats that you used during the zalora video shoot? Thank you and more powers. <3
Got it in Fancy Flats! love their flats <3 
14. Anonymous asked:
Hi ate! ang pretty niyo po talaga! ano pong shoe size niyo? and where do you buy your shoes po? :)
aww hi!! :D size 7 :D
15. Anonymous asked:
Hi Miss Verniece! What are your plans for your upcoming 18th birthday? What’s the theme of your debut? Stay pretty! :D
Aww thank you <3 I’m not yet sure :p
16. Anonymous asked:
Hi! What is your hair style? Why is it sometimes you have bangs and sometimes you have none? Thanks! :)
hi! The bangs are clip ons :D
17. lilmissmeagan asked:
from where did you get your clip-on bangs? :)
Online shop sent me one, ELSWEAR :)
18. joycedecena08 asked:
Hi Verniece! You’re my inspiration that’s why I made my tumblr blog. Can you follow me? Thanks!
So sweet! Thank you so much <3 
19. neverwasenough asked:
Hello Verniece! :) haha wala lang, super pretty mo :)) haha I always get stunned whenever i see you sa sda haha! you’re like a walking barbie doll haha! I wonder how many boys are in love with you hahaha! :D take care always! :*
Wow thank you so much :)
20. Anonymous asked:
San po mabibili yung clip-on bangs?
You’re such a doll talaga! So pretty like your Ate :)
Online shop sent it, ELSWEAR :) salamat po!! :)
21. mitchybelly asked:
If your name’s verniece, what’s your sister’s name? Just vern?
Vernica :D

22. havethisurlanddie asked:
Hi ate Verniece. What colors match well with violet?
Alot! I’d wear it with my favorite color, pink :D
23. alanisavenilla07 asked:
Hi! Where did you buy your clip on bangs? I’d love to buy! Hope you answer :) And please answer privately if possible cause I might not be able to track your answers :)) Thanks! Your so cute, btw.
so sweet! Thank you so much <3 Online shop sent it, ELSWEAR :)
24. Anonymous asked:
Where do you study? What advice could you give about dressing up for school days?
Lasalle Benilde :) Our dress code is really strict so i wear knee length skirts or i put black leggings/stocking under :)
25. Anonymous asked:
hi ate verniece. your clothes are so pretty. do you have your own stylist? haha. :)
wow so sweet:) no:)
26. Anonymous asked:
Hi! :) I’ve heard that you and you’re sister are well - known fashion bloggers so can I ask for advice on how to start my own fashion blog? :) (I’m 13, btw) and I’m figuratively new to blogging about fashion. :>
wow! :) take pictures of your outfits, share your style to the world:)

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