Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3
1. Anonymous asked you:
where do you buy skirts like the one in pink socks
       The Ramp :D 
                    2. Anonymous asked you:
Hell Ms. Vern! You’re soooo pretty. Where do you get your skirts and the pink socks? All are really pretty.
        Thank you so much! :D I get skirts from Kids of Bayo or The Ramp. The pink socks are from Forever21!:) 

3. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece! Ano pong shoes yung sinuot niyo sa Ateneo Grad Ball? What color/kind of shoes po? :) Bagay din po ba ang silver pumps sa white cocktail dress? Thank you so much! Ang helpful po ng blog mo for people who also likes fashion. Stay awesome!
         Yes! :D I wore silver pumps po :D Thank you so much <3 

4. youngwildestdreamer asked you:
You are a living doll! Super pretty! <3
          Aww, you’re so sweet!! thank you so much<3

5. callmecham asked you:
do you curl your hair everyday?
          No po :D

6. Anonymous asked you:
what’s your course?
          Multimedia Arts :D 

7. thutzrevelation asked you:
I can just stay here forever, in your blog :”)
          awwwww so sweet<3 

8. showmewhatrealloveis asked you:
Hi miss verniece! :> I just want to ask, what will your blog title be? I want to join your header contest. Thank you :)
           Verniece Enciso yay, can’t wait to see your design!:) 
9. trishielovesxo asked you:
hi vern, can you please show us the interior of your room :) im just so interested :D its so girly and glam for sure. :) follow me back pls!
           awww thank you so much! :D some pictures are in the barbie shoot! :D

10. youmebookbednow asked you:
Hi Vernie. Where would it be easier to contact you, here or through email? :) I was hoping to ask some stuff.
            sure! it’s :) 

11. kaka-baliw asked you:
can you suggest an interesting theme for our show about children’s literature. will be doing hand mime, shadow dance, narration and a lot more. this is for our finals. THANKS MUCHO!
               what about something like carnival? :D 

12. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece! Ano pong brand yung sinuot nyo nung concert ni Avril? The jacket and the dress? And saan branch nyo po nabili? Thank you! Ganda mo po talaga! :)
                The Ramp po:) thank you so much! :) 

13. voguesheep asked you:
Hi!! Wehre’d you buy your dress for your Nautica post? :D I love iitttt
                My sister got it for me in Bangkok :D thank you!:) 

14. theffreak asked you:
When is the deadline for the Header-making contest?:) thank you.:)
         two weeks from now! :D 

15. Anonymous asked you:
Hi, verniece. I would like to ask, is your hair permed or do you curl it everyday? Thanks! :) You’re so pretty. <3
          It’s permed! just curling it in events :D thank you so much!!:) 

16. missashleykristina asked you:
Hi miss verniece. I just want to ask if what skin care do you use, and make up products. because you’re so pretty and I envy you :(((
             please don’t! you’re so sweet, thank you so much! :D Make up is mac po :D 

17. itsamandaparedes asked you:
Hello! Until when can we submit a header? I’m planning to make one :)
             two weeks from now! :D 

18. toastedpancake asked you:
Hi! I sent you my header entries. :)) Take care! XO <3
             yay thank you! <3 

19. lovinghimandcandies asked you:
who did you hair asnd make up during your prom :)
            Tony and Jackey salon:) 

20. Anonymous asked you:
Where are you studying right now? Are you in college? If so, what course are you taking up?
             Lasalle Benilde. Multimedia arts! :D    

21. theffreak asked you:
When is the deadline for the Header-making contest?:) Thank you.:)
             Two weeks from now! :D 


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  1. Hi verniece! I love all your photos in IG. i would love to know if what software you use for those HDR shots ? Cause pink, blue and violet is such an enchanting color. Isn't it?