Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello everyone! Here are some questions I answered. I will post the other questions next time! <3

1. Anonymous asked you:
Hi Ate Verniece! :) How old are you when you first started skating? Is it okay if I start to learn skating when I’m 14 years old already? I was thinking of doing that this summer :)
Hi! :D I started when I was 6 years old. Sure, should try it! :D
2. reginebean asked you:
Hi! What’s the brand of your shoes at the Rosy Posy post? You’re really pretty, and I enjoy JRP classes too! :-)
Thank you so much <3 got it from an online shop! :)
3. Anonymous asked you:
where do you buy your blazers? :)
different brands but usually in H&M :)
4. Anonymous asked you:
Can you please put all the brands that you’re wearing. I love your clothes kasi e. :( pretty pleaaaase.
Awww thank you so much! :D usually just put the sponsored brands :)
5. Anonymous asked you:
where do you buy bow hair accessories? :)
6. missgan asked you:
Hi! So sweet <3 thank you so much <3 
7. Anonymous asked you:
Nadulas ka na ba sa ice skating competition??
Yes po L
8. krisnastassia asked you:
how old are you?
Hi! 17 years old :D
9. Anonymous asked you:
Hi ate Verniece!!! I was wondering if I could get a copy of On Thin Ice, and where I could get one? :) :* Thank you po and God Bless You Always :) Stay gorgeous !
Hi!! So sweet <3 I’m not sure about it :(
10. romainiiyy16 asked you:
Your so beautiful im your fan where did you study highschool?
Hi! Thank you so much <3 Southville International School J
11. Anonymous asked you:
I am so in love with your hair! Is it naturally straight or did you have to do a procedure or put any products in it? I’m also a skating fan. Stay gorgeous, love. xoxo.
Hi! Wow, so sweet <3 thank you so much :D I had it perm in the ends :)
12. Anonymous asked you:
hello po ulet ang flawless niu po ano gamit niu soap? lalo na po sa face?tips po maiwasan ang pimples tnx a lot
Always wash your face :)
13. akosisuperkatee asked you:
Yo. Y so pretty? =)
Hi! Thank you so much:D
14. angbulilitnaprinsesa asked you:
Ang gaGANDA pa po ng mga Shots mo :)
Salamat!! :D
15. angbulilitnaprinsesa asked you:
Ate ang Pretty Pretty mo nmn po :”>
Awww so sweet <3 <3 
16. Anonymous asked you:
how do you maintain your hair? so nice!!
Thank you!!! :)
17. Anonymous asked you:
hi ate verniece, you look so pretty. i was just wondering, do you ever wear pants? =)
Hi!! :D thank you so much:D yes but seldom :)
18. Anonymous asked you:
where did you buy you’re iphone case? :) and what is its color? :)
It’s color pink! :D
19. Anonymous asked you:
what’s your iphone case and its color? the one you’re using now. & where did you buy it? pls answer coz you really inspire me :) hope i could get a response. i love youu verniece <3
It’s pink! :D aww you’re so sweet <3 <3 <3 
20. Anonymous asked you:
you’re like a geisha! you have this very light, positive and fresh vibe which is a very unique quality! you seem so down-to-earth and approachable too ;) I hope to see you and your sister someday ;) keep shinin’ Verniece and hope the fashion industry won’t change you! ;))) and wag ka munang magbbf! studies first, okay? hehe
awww hi! please leave your name next time:D you’re so sweet! thank you so much :)
21. meownik asked you:
hello. please read my emails. :) andun na yung new tweaked theme for you :)
sure, thank you!! :D
22. Anonymous asked you:
Hiiii :) Where did you bought your skirt, the one in the picture of your Last day in Davao? ;)
hi! :) bought it in the Ramp:D
23. irastarira asked you:
Hi niece. How long can you stand or walk wearing a heels? And usually, what height is the heels you are wearing?
Hi! i’m not sure but i usually i bring flats :D
24. iloveyoujamestimbol asked you:
Hi vernciece :* I really love you. love you fashion its so kikay :D iphone4s ba cellphone mo?
Hi!! wow you’re so sweet <3 yes :D
25. unspokenwordsofagirl asked you:
You’re so gorgeous. :)
you’re so sweet:)
26. umasasawala asked you:
little favor po? :) fansign naman po :) thank you so much “ickai”
27. umasasawala asked you:
you’re my idol :) keep it up <3
hi! thank you so much<3 <3
28. feesheemuffins asked you:
Hi Verniece! Where did you buy the clip on bangs? :) Thank you for answering. Stay Pretty!
ELSWEAR ONLINE SHOP <3 thank you so much<3 
29. Anonymous asked you:
Verniece, I stumbled upon your blog (since I saw your sister’s post from the Start Here Facebook page) and I didn’t know you were an awesome blogger! Kasi dati kasama lang kita sa Miss Ice Princess haha! But now look at how far you’ve been. And you’re a Benildean now too? :) I love your blog. See you in school! -Tin Cabia
aww hi!! :D so sweet, thank you so much <3 <3
29. missgan asked you:
How old are you? I was fascinated by your looks
hi! i’m 17! :D aww thank you <3 
30. Anonymous asked you:
Hi, Ate Verniece! Where or What branch can you suggest that there is so many Pretty and Adorable Dress? But it has cheap price? HAHAHA! I need many dress badly e. :( Thank you Ate Verniece. I hope, you can answer my Question soon before March 31. :) Stay Pretty! Thank you again! :))
I suggest Kids of Bayo and accessories in PINKBOX ( :D thank you so much <3 
31. Anonymous asked you:
Are you twin sisters? You lool exactly the same as in:”)
haha no we just call each other that :p
32. secretsoulmates asked you:
You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made by God <3 You’re so pretty!! :’) You serve as my inspiration for fashion :DD
awww hi!! so sweet <3 thank you so much!! <3 <3

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