Monday, July 30, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway: Toes & Straps

Here's another part of my Birthday Giveaway! I'm giving away not one but 2 500 GC's from Toes&Strap! You can choose from any of their items! Easy Mechanics to join are below :) 
1. Like this on Facebook: Toes and Straps
2. Like this on Facebook: Verniece Enciso 
3. Follow me on twitter  
4. Tweet this on twitter and Make this your status on facebook " Join Verniece Enciso's birthday giveaway at"
*Please don't tag me on twitter :) 
What to comment below: 
1. Full name and email address
2. Link of your tweet
3. Link of your facebook page 
This giveaway will end on: August 9 (My Birthday, yay!) 
You can still join my "Tutu" First, "Roxy Watch" Second, "Apartment8 Dresses" Third, Yabu Fourth, "Clothepedia"Fifth and "Wardrobe Check" Sixth birthday giveaway! <3

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