Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway: Amazing Playground

It's finally my birthday week! It's four days til my actual birthday so i'll be having different giveaways each day! Here's another birthday giveaway for all my lovely readers! I'm giving away not one but 2 varsity jackets from THE AMAZING PLAYGROUND! The easy mechanics to join are below :) 

1. Like this on Facebook: The Amazing Playground and follow them on twitter
2. Like this on Facebook: Verniece Enciso 
3. Follow me on twitter  
4. Tweet this on twitter and Make this your status on facebook " Join Verniece Enciso's Varsity Jackets birthday giveaway at @amaznplayground"
*Please don't tag me on twitter :) 
What to comment below: 
1. Full name and email address
2. Link of your tweet
3. Link of your facebook page 
This giveaway will end on: August 31 
You can still join my "Tutu" First, "Roxy Watch" Second, "Apartment8 Dresses" Third, Yabu Fourth, "Clothepedia"Fifth, "Wardrobe Check" Sixth and "Toes&Straps" Seventh birthday giveaway! <3

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