Monday, August 6, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway: LEE Jeans

Calling all talented artists out there! Here's a chance for you to let everyone see your masterpiece in Lee's LED Billboard in Edsa!

 Here's another part of my birthday giveaway! One lucky winner will win P1500 worth of LEE Gift Certificates and automatically be one of the finalists for their Lee Shadow Play Contest where in your photo will be projected on the LED Billboard in EDSA and win $2000! The easy mechanics to join are below :)

1. Photograph the shadows of the city and caption it with 10 words or less (don't forget to include your shadows!)
2. Send your entires in my email:
3. Like LEE on Facebook and follow them on twitter
                                                 3. Like this on Facebook: Verniece Enciso 
                                                              4. Follow me on twitter  
                                                             What to comment below: 
                                                       1. Full name and email address
                                                               2. Link of your tweet
                                                        3. Link of your facebook page 
                                                     This giveaway will end on: August 29
You can still join my "Tutu" First, "Roxy Watch" Second, "Apartment8 Dresses" Third, Yabu Fourth, "Clothepedia"Fifth, "Wardrobe Check" Sixth, "Toes&Straps" Seventh and "Amazing Playground" Eighth birthday giveaway! <3

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