Sunday, November 4, 2012

Light Blue Zig Zag

If you noticed, I rarely wear shorts.. I also mentioned before that my number one insecurity are my ice skater legs :( I really get conscious whenever I wear shorts or wear pants/leggings. I've tried a lot of workouts to make my legs small but sadly, nothing happened :( sad truth. But one secret to make it a bit smaller is wear really really high heels! ;) 
DSC_1089 copy
DSkC_1146 copy
DSC_1225 copy
Necklace from: THRIFTY FRILLS 
DSC_1181 copy
Ribbon Clip: PINKBOX
DSC_1292 copy
Pearl bracelet from: MEL'S COLLECTION
DSC_1304 copy
Shoes from: ASIAN VOGUE

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