Sunday, December 23, 2012

Colorful Eve's Day Dress

Isn't it just so surprising that it's already christmas eve? It's just like I celebrated my debut last week haha and now it's another highlight of the year, our Lord's birthday in just a few more hours and new years in few days! So today, I opted for something not red nor green but something colorful. I can't express how happy I am with what God has given to me so I decided to put my emotions through my clothes and isn't RED DOT's dress just the perfect thing to wear? :) Red Dot is an online store from Ilocos Norte. I suggest this to all the young and who wants to look younger girls out there who aren't afraid to experiment their style! ;) Red Dot is perfect for you. Their fabulous items are definitely things you can't find in a store! Check them out in their website, like their facebook page and follow them on twitter! :)

DSC_0081 copy
DSC_0241 copy
DSC_0211 copy
DSC_0292 copy
DSC_0257 copy
DSC_0137 copy
Dress from: RED DOT
Earrings from: PINKBOX
Shoes from: TOES&STRAPS

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