Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Gift Suggestions: 1

Christmas is fast approaching and it's the season for giving so here are some of my Christmas gifts Suggestions!
1. PINKBOX's Dream Mirror 
every girl's dream to have one! so mommies, ninangs/titas, lolas and boyfriends, perfect for your girly babies :)
You can order through Pinkbox's site. 
2. SUGAR RUSH's yummy sweets 
perfect to give for your friends, classmates or workmates! spread your sweetness :P
You can order through Sugar Rush's site. 
3. BOYS NIGHT OUT's funny catchy tees 
The shirt says it all! ;) perfect for your guy bestfriends, brother or maybe even boyfriend (if you're a cool girlfriend haha)
to order, click this.

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