Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stripes and Zebra Print

Last Friday, my family and I went down south to Solenad, Nuvali! On the way there, our attention was caught by the beautiful lights and colorful statues so we checked it out. It was a 12 Days of Christmas Exhibit hence explains the background of my photos. Aren't they just cute? :) 
Sorry for my no make up and not fixed hair, hope i don't look ugly/pale to you :( 
IMG_1820 copy
IMG_1827 copy
IMG_1828 copy
IMG_1861 copy
IMG_1875 copy copy
IMG_1856 copy
Dress from: 100 CHIC BLVD
Spikes bangle from: THE HOOK
Shiny Bangle from: PINKBOX

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